Stored data disregarded after update to 0.27.1

After updating to 0.27.1, my main node (1.6TB as per the config), which was full, reported zero disk usage. I did not check the dashboard at first after updating, just the container logs, and all seemed fine.
However, what worries me is that the node has apparently started getting data.

I have a dedicated hard-drive for its mount point, and the mount works alright. The storage directory lists succesfully and is the expected size (1546388M as of writing this), however according to the node dashboards (both CLI and web-based GUI) I have used 18.9GB and the logs reveal plenty of uploads. The timestamps of files within the storage dir are recent, which means that the container still uses this very directory.

The configs were not changed in any way, nor was the launch script that I use.
I am also running a second node with another hard-drive dedicated to it (since the first one was full), and that worked just fine.

I am at a complete loss here, and I am concerned about effectively all the data stored, and filling out the drive to its capacity since the old files are there but not taken into account.
What do I do guys?

E: FWIW, the successrate checker script doesn’t report anything out of the ordinary either:

Successful:           35
Recoverable failed:   0
Unrecoverable failed: 0
Success Rate Min:     100.000%
Success Rate Max:     100.000%
========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Successful:           5059
Failed:               199
Success Rate:         96.215%
========== UPLOAD ============
Successful:           22679
Rejected:             0
Failed:               245
Acceptance Rate:      100.000%
Success Rate:         98.931%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ===
Successful:           330
Failed:               26
Success Rate:         92.697%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD =====
Successful:           113
Failed:               0
Success Rate:         100.000%

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