Storj a DropBox competitor?

Just found about - is this a DropBox replacement or a S3 replacement ?
I can see I can get a share link to a storj file but its still inside a storj webpage, not the raw file.

I mean, for example, if were to create a bucket like code and have it linked as


or something like


I don’t see the raw document.

So storj is more like DropBox it seems ?

Hello @anjanesh ,
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It’s generally S3 replacement, but can be used as Dropbox with rclone (take a look on rclone mount too) or if you want more features (many companies uses Storj DCS as a backend, this is one of them).

However, I would like to suggest to use a native protocol where is possible to do not skip reach features like a Client-side encryption (S3-compatible Gateway uses Server-side encryption), p2p for data transfer (useful with fast internet channel - more than 1Gbit, and your customers will download files from closest location directly from nodes, giving CDN-like features) and flexible Access Management.
See Storj Client Libraries | Storj Docs

Regarding linksharing - replace /s/ in the URL to /raw/.
See also Host a Static Website | Storj Docs


In this thread you can find examples: Public storj access? - #12 by jammerdan

This is just superb - I guess skillsafe is what my friends would be interested in more than raw Storj though.

I am thinking how we can deploy multiply JAM Stack apps to Storj if domain mapping is possible.

You can host only static web-sites from the bucket.
If I understand correctly, you means the “domains mapping” supported by some CMS. Usually such sites requires a server to host, they unlikely will work from a bucket, because they requires a compute service to process server-side parts.

I meant pointing to so that when I goto storjshare-link/xxx/index.html it’ll load the index.html from my shared bucket.

This is a guide how to register a bucket under your domain: Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service | Storj Docs


Hi Alexey,
I can’t understand exactly how to connect my storj account with sliksafe.
More, I installed nextcloud on a (shared) server I own, but it’s impossible to me to activate the storj app because it requires the FFI entexsion, that seems to be active.
How can I solve this?

sliksafe is a complete consumer solution uses Storj DCS as backend. They unlikely will allow you to use your own Storj account.

For Nextcloud you need to have the FFI extension active, but it also should be installed in your system, see GitHub - storj-thirdparty/nextcloud-app
After the nextcloud-app is activated you can configure the storage. It’s a storage method inside the external storage configuration.

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That for sure?

Because on their website they talk about blockchain and replication. And the mention Filecoin:

All files on Slik are distributed over a network of 10,000+ nodes around the world. We replicate your encrypted data over these nodes, such that there is always a copy of your file

Since all files are stored on the Filecoin network of nodes, your files are secure and immutable.

They’ve got quite a note on their recruitment website:

What is the work life balance at your company?

As a result of being an early stage startup, we are always on fire. As a result the raw number of hours that we put in actually makes a lot of difference. This wouldn’t always be the case, but it is at present. Thus, at times, we end up working on the weekends, and late nights after dinner on weekdays, but it is driven by personal ambition. We don’t have any expectations from anyone to do so.

Brutally honest. I’ve worked in a few startups now and I know what this means. But to openly admit this mode of work… I think I like them!

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Their whitepaper tells another story.
I do not see too much details on their website, but they mention that they uses both.
And yes, many companies mentions that they uses blockchain to store files, which is usually not the case, storing files on blockchain is too expensive. But they may store hashes to make files immutable while they exist.

As far as I know, filecoin is missing a repair job. That text doesn’t sound like they are using only filecoin. We have seen other filecoin customers complaining about lost files.

with rclone you can expose your storj to http/webdav/sftp/ftp etc (you can do it with all clouds rclone supported rclone serve)