Storj as a free data replication tool for home server (such as dappnode)


I am a dappnode user and I develop some dapps for it.

I want my dappnode to be a gateway to the web3 but also a home server that can run cloud service (e.g nextcloud) or be my personnal password guardian.

I did it but there is an actual problem currently… If my hdd break or my house burn accidentaly, I can’t retrieve my data…

This is the actual biggest problem with home server.

That’s why I propose the following idea.

Maybe we can use the storj system in a private way, we could federate dappnodes users.

For exemple, I have my dappnode with 100GB of disk space. My Oncle also have a dappnode with 100GB of disk space. We both install storjnode and add each other as trusted node. This way I let 50GB of my disk space for my oncle data and because I let 50GB, he let me 50GB. The data are encrypted thanks to storj and then my data could not be view by my oncle.

In this way we could theoretically increase the download speed because 2 sources send me the file and I feel safe because of the data replication.

This way we don’t have to pay each other because we trust the other to keep the data and because I offer the same quantity of storage as a payment.

We could imagine some kind of family group or friends group of 3 or 5 people which share disk space each other. Member of this group can send invitation.

I don’t exactly know how storj works but it’s seems a light version of the actual one.

Are you guy exiting about this kind of feature ?
Is there already a tool which do a similar thing ?



Nextcloud is looking into it

NextCloud is working with Storj to enable decentralized storage and backup for users. They are an active participant in our Open Source Partner Program ( and community members have been building various POCs since the V3 Network alpha.


I’m not sure that IPFS is the thing I whant, it does not encrypt automatically, it does not permit to be a part of a group (except private cluster but it’s an experimental feature) and it does not replicate automatically (a script have to run to manage pin and unpin)

That’s why I’m turning myself to storj solution.

Cool looks great ! Are they working to add an app inside the nexcloud store ?