Storj Dashboard - Connection Refused on localhost:14002

Hi Storj Team!

I got the Node setup and installed on Windows 10 using the GUI method, but something isn’t working right…

Trying to launch the Storj dashboard and I get connection refused when trying to see the status of my Node.

Netstat says there’s nothing listening on port 14002, and I’ve rebooted multiple times.
The Storj service is running but I can’t get anything out of it and there’s not much in the documentation for commands/CLI to finalize or troubleshoot what might be missing.

What are some commands and/or tools to fix this problem?

It could be Windows Firewall or some other software Firewall you have running that is blocking access to that port.

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Hello @7tigers,
Welcome to the forum!

Please, check logs, is it running (Powershell)?

cat "$env:ProgramFiles/Storj/Storage Node/storagenode.log" -Tail 20
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