Storj DCS issues


  1. Setup rclone:
  2. Use rclone mount: rclone mount

just wondering Dominick,
is the block size limit of 64Mb is a known issue for all S3 storage?
i know nextcloud to use primary storage on storj is not new, are they consider native integration?

But i do understand S3fs has some issues handling large files upload… correct me if i am wrong. been out from the updates for a while… is there a solution to this already?

Our network has a 64MB segment size, so for the optimal performance it’s better to configure S3 integration to use 64MB block size too.

I tested it with a relative small files (1-3GB) and it’s worked. However, it’s better to use a native connection where is possible. So for better results I would recommend to use rclone mount instead, configured with a native connector.

that would means, i will have 2 copies of files on both on server and also on Storj? is there anyway we can have all in storj? if we do not mind on the inbound and outbound bandwidth cost?

if you use either rclone mount or s3fs, you can have only one copy - on Storj. Both solutions mounts a bucket to the filesystem and you can interact with the bucket almost as with any folder (it has limits though - for example, it doesn’t support updates in place).