Storj Documentation Update Alert

It’s been discussed in the following SNO thread (Watchtower still does not work for me, what's wrong?) that the information in the Storj documentation has been updated over time, which is to be expected. Although, it appears that some commands, specifically around docker have changed at some point in time, and those changes can go unnoticed by SNOs.

More specifically, the thread referenced above discusses docker run commands and watchtower autoupdate commands. I know that sometime since Aug 2019, when I set up my first RPi node, the docker run command “template” has changed a bit (removing Bandwidth limit line, adding the port 14002, and more recently I noticed the change in name “storjlabs/storagenode:XXX”).

When I first set up my node that “storjlabs/storagenode:XXX” was “storjlabs/storagenode:arm” in the template, and it wasn’t until I was setting up my second RPi node that I noticed it changed to “…:beta” I’ve changed both nodes to align with the documentations, but other may not have been aware to this change. I’m not certain on the impacts that this may have on node performance or reliability at this point or in the future.

I would think it would be pretty important for SNOs to be aware of changes to this command and the watchtower docker auto-update command. At this point it seems that the only way to verify that those of us using docker are using the most up-to-date commands, is to frequently check the Storj Documentation. Therefore, I’d suggest some sort of notification in the future when changes occur to the command templates/documentation to ensure that SNOs are aware to mitigate potential issues with using “outdated” commands.


thanks for bringing this up, Im forwarding to the documentation team