STORJ / ETH trading pair removed on Binance?

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Is it me, or has the trading per between STORJ and ETH been removed on Binance? I used to trade on this pair.

Binance will remove and cease trading on the following trading pairs at 2021/01/08 12:00 PM (UTC):

That’s not good for STORJ is it? Less exchanges to trade it…

sounds a bit like they removed STORJ because it’s unstable.
but duno… i would imagine that the recent high and hard drop cost some people a lot of money, and maybe they did an analyzes on the STORJ token, and realized it’s not really locked to something…

thus is can jump up and down as much as it likes… and tho i personally think thats great for trading, i can see and understand how that could scare off some customers… also it might just be they have the top 125 tokens listen and because of the current drop in value storj token got under the bar.

it will get back in i’m sure … it’s in the top 150 tokens which is actually quite good imo

Normally they do remove pairs that have not enough liquidity, don’t they? STORJ/USDT market is still up.

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not sure really, just trying to point out i doubt it’s permanent or that something is wrong.
maybe to few trade them into eth but usually go dollars, or because storj is basically linked to dollars having it linked as a trading pair to eth doesn’t make sense.

complex topic and it’s been quite a while since i’ve been on binance, or traded crypto

so i duno… i’m not worried, storj tokens seems to be doing quite good

usaly Exchage drop coin or token when trading ammount not enouth and it not worth for them.

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Congratulations, you just described almost every token and coin out there :rofl:

besides, traders like unstable currencies because it gives more possibilities for making money by speculations… If they want something stable, they trade USD->EUR
So why should they remove any coin based on these arguments?

It’s probably more like not enough liquidity or not enough interest.

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not exactly, some tokens are a bit more fixed to real services than the storj token because SNO’s are paid in storj based on value / dollars earned.

Promissory notes / promissory crypto tokens has or can have a fixed service value.
while the storj token can drop or go up in value without it impacting it’s usage due to it basically being a ledger / accounting function it serves.

but yeah most things are a fiat currency for food, services or material holdings.