Storj Facebook page is hacked?

Just got a message from Facebook official Storj Page:

AIRDROP is now officially launched !!!

We’re Giving Away 1150 ETH to Community.

Participate now: Simply Send from 1 - 25 ETH and instantly receive 3 - 75 to your wallet.

“We expect great things to come out from this collaboration and we believe the Community will be very impressed.” Thanks You for being part of us!

ETH Deposit Address:


Is this true official Airdrop ? I do not think so…


Found fake FB-page -
Don’t fall into the trap!

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I hope you reported the page as fake.


Of course I did it. The first thing. I urge everyone to do the same.


Just reported it too.


Same, as faking the real company (you can put the genuine Storj page) and I do it systematically on Twitter, (but Facebook is not as efficient as Twitter in my experience. They refused to do anything with clearly fake Facebook profiles adding you as friend to try to appeal you. Almost every report I sent to Twitter has been processed faster and correctly.)

I think you should remove the fake page Ethereum wallet address, someone might think this is true and fall for it, this post also seems suspicious.

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The more reports go in the faster Facebook takes action against the page. Unless its a page dealing with illegal content they have a threshold of reports after which action is taken. ( I had read about this in some article).

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Why do people fall for these scams? “Give me money and I’ll immediately give you 3x as much”. Yeah, right.


Greed, lack of awareness, better returns than savings account, if I win I can brag to my friends that I am “rich”, its like buying a lotto ticket, the list goes on …

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