Storj Going Production


March is on the door, yet the Storj is not in the production phase.
We need a clear response from Storj team when this will going to happen.


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Wait three more weeks. :wink:

Hello and thank you for your ongoing interest in and support for the project!

At every step on the path to production, we’ve tried to communicate clearly the milestones, the launch gates associated with those milestones, as well as any new hurdles we’ve encountered or new opportunities that have surfaced.

We are currently working with a set of early-adopter customers and partners to put the platform through its paces before we declare full production. Our primary goal is to deliver an excellent product, with a great user experience that provides significant value for our customers. The early access release has given us the opportunity to ensure we’re meeting that goal.

That being said, it’s important to be clear about what “full production” actually means. Full production means three things:

  1. We’ve hit all of our launch gates associated with the Voyager production release. Read all about our release gates on our blog.

  2. We release the 1.0 version of all of our developer tools (Uplink being the most important) and ensure backwards compatibility from that version forward.

  3. We remove the waitlist from all of the satellites and allow unrestricted user registrations.

We continue to work on generating demand for the platform through direct customers, partnerships (especially our open source partners) and developer sign ups, even though we haven’t declared full production. We move as quickly as possible through new waitlist registrations, with the current waiting period at less than 7 days.

While it may not be the most satisfactory response to say “as soon as possible,” we take great pride in the work we and our community do and when the platform launches, we all want to ensure that deliver an excellent product, with a great user experience that provides significant value for our customers.

So, to answer your question: soon.


We do? Actually I disagree. I prefer the team tests the product exhaustly before going to production to make sure big and reliability are ready.

I think it is very helpful to estimate the switch to production, I want to make any final changes to my node before there is real traffic. I assume disqualification is not active until then?

Disqualification is definitely active. Uptime requirement may not be active at the moment.


There already is real traffic. Quite a bit of it.

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