Storj Golang test mock?

Is there a test mock available for the Storj uplink library in go?

For example, I’m building a layer on top of the uplink library and would like to unit test the logic against a mock.

For AWS s3 there are things like GitHub - adobe/S3Mock: A simple mock implementation of the AWS S3 API startable as Docker image, TestContainer, JUnit 4 rule, JUnit Jupiter extension or TestNG listener and localstack.

It’s not exactly a mock/stub, but you can use testplanet. This is a test utility used from many places in the Storj which can be used to start up a local Storj network (satellite, storagenode, everything) for the duration of the test. You can get the uplink reference from it and use it.

However, it’s not a mock, but a real ephemeral test network. Quite fast, but it requires a running database in your test environment.

Thanks elek, I’ll check that out.