Storj Node funktioniert nicht mehr

Seit ca. 1 Woche liegt die “Bandwidth Used This Month” bei 0B und die monatlichen Einnahmen sind extrem gefallen… Wisst ihr woran das liegen könnte, vorher lief alles problemlos und ich hatte ordentlich Traffic. Die Storj Node ist 24/7 Online und NoIP läuft auch noch. Habe generell nichts umgestellt.

Maybe your version is outdated?

My Version is v.1.25.2
How I can update my Version?

It’s a current version. The update is rolling out right now, wait until it will be updated automatically (I assumed that you used a Windows GUI version).
If you use a docker version it would be updated within three days after update is rolled out to binary versions, approximately after a week since announcement.

The low bandwidth usage could be related to different reasons:

  • You doesn’t have a free space on your node;
  • Your node is new and in vetting process: each new node must be vetted. While in vetting, the node can receive only 5% of the customers’ traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite, the node should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node it should take at least a month;
  • You have a blocking firewall and you allowed only satellites to contact your node. This is needed for audits only. To receive a traffic, you must allow to contact anyone from any source address and any port to your 28967 port and your device as a destination;
  • You have used IPv6 only. In this case you likely will be offline though, because our satellites hosted in Google Cloud and they doesn’t support IPv6 yet, thus you need to have dual stack;
  • Your identity is not signed: Identity - Node Operator

I checked your points, unfortunately it didn’t help, see picture. The Storj node ran well in March, but no more traffic since April… I haven’t changed anything

Please, check your databases: How to fix a "database disk image is malformed" – Storj

Also, please, give me more information:

  • Is it a Windows GUI?
  • How your disk is connected?
  • What is the filesystem?
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Yes It’s a Windows Gui.
Disk is connected with usb.
The Filesystem is NTFS.

Thank you!
Did you check your databases?

I think it’s actually due to the database … Unfortunately I didn’t manage to fix it because it’s too complicated for me. Can I just create a new node instead and delete the old one?
Thank you for your great support :slight_smile:

Your PowerShell seems too old, if the command Get-ChildItem do not know the option -file.
You can remove -file from the command. Please, replace the example path x:\storagenode\storage to your actual path to databases (it could be on D: or H:, I’m not sure. From your screenshot I can see only installation dir, which is useless for this case) and run it again.

You should not run sqlite3 as an application, it’s a command line tool, thus need to be run from a command line (cmd or PowerShell).
Please, open a new PowerShell window, paste the command for integrity check of one database and replace /path/to/bandwidth.db with your actual path to the bandwidth.db.

Good news, the database is correct, bad news, I still have no traffic … Do you have any ideas?

As you can see, the bandwidth.db is malformed, so I wouldn’t call it “good news” :slight_smile:
You need to fix it with the same guide.

I think I’m just too stupid … I followed your guide but my PowerShell doesn’t know the sqlite3 argument. Do you have a suggestion?

thank youu

Hi @sosAdam, I don’t read german, but it looks as though the bandwidth.db file is in use. So the node should be stopped before the script is run.

Also the commands are separate:

cp D:\bandwidth.db D:\bandwidth.db.bak


C:\sqlite3\sqlite3.exe D:\bandwidth.db
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