Storj node keep terminating unexpectedly

Got a problem after reinstalling the motherboard and CPU, storj node services running, but node not working, after I see every 5-second error log on Windows logs

the storj v3 storage node service terminated unexpectedly. it has done this 1 time(s).

May this happen because of removing Virtual Switch from Hyper-V?
I have Windows 10 OS on this node.
Can someone help me?

Might be, because the virtual switch actually is your bridge to the internet for Hyper-V. But this is only true of you are running your node within a virtual machine in Hyper-V. Then it is probably also impossible to ping network addresses from the world wide web, within that VM. That’s something you can check.

And as usual, many things solve themselves just after a reboot. Especially if you’ve been configuring the network. But if it was only a network thing,I would have expected a more specific message and no node termination. But we’ll see.

I wonder whether you are running Windows within Hyper-V? So why? Or are you running a Linux distribution in Hyper-V?

A node running on a physical machine, Hyper-V Was just installed for another project, but never was used for sotrj.

I have already rebutted node several times, I have a feeling that storj node network setting is broken but have no idea how to fix it.

Might be, but usually docker gives better /more specific messages. In Windows they are in Windows event log. Since you deleted a virtual switch, chances are that docker has no internet access anymore. Easiest would probably to create a new switch with exactly same name or reset machine back to moment before your deleted that switch.

However, I’m more acquainted with Linux on this part. Therefore I’m not able to be more specific.

Anything logged in storagenode.log?

Container related to sorjlabs shows a log Waiting for the running update to be finished.

Does it say why?
Can’t it download the needed files for example?

I for myself would restore the system to a last known working state, if that wouldn’t impair other programs I’m using all to much. Furthermore, I would separate my node as much as possible from my main system for example migrating it to a VM for which you can use Hyper-V or Virtualbox on Windows.

Please search for errors related to the termination or post here the last 20 lines after the crash.
And also - do you use a native storagenode Windows service or a docker container? Because your messages contradict each other.
Or do you run several nodes here? One as a service and remaining as a docker containers?