STORJ payout (huge difference)

My payout for last month was ~9 STORJ and the previous month it was ~135 STORJ. I am curious why there is such a huge difference. I do also have to point out that I did have a 24hr+ outage because the instructions provided to upgrade to the BETA was incorrect. It was eventually resolved and I did inquire at the time if it would affect my payout but was told it would not. Anyway, I would just like some clarification regarding why there is such a difference between the last 2 payments.

Last month we got a bonus. Hmm Times fly. I think it was last month. 113 storj


It was 133.7 STORJ.

(Now I have to add some nonsence to hit the 20 char minimum)

Yeah, I was wondering because there was some announcement that I probably mis-interpreted as being a bonus paid for the 3 months (this current being the last of the 3). I guess I must have misunderstood the announcement.

The bonus was a One time thing.
But for three months we get *4 payout. Not so bad that either