STORJ payout issue

I have received a close to no payout for data used in August.

PAYMENT 1 (started end of june)
2.30154994 STORJ * 0.17$ = 0.39$
-> no stats of usage, maybe a few days only

133.7 STORJ * 0.1486 = 19.87

PAYMENT 2 (july)
99.8 STORJ * 0.150857 = 15.06
=> 601.8 GB used, 0.7TB egress, 2.3TB ingress

PAYMENT 3 (august)
3.79727584 STORJ * 0.147301 = 0.55
=> 0.8 TB used, 104.5GB Egress, 664.2GB Ingress

I do want to add that I have had issues with watchtower in the first week of September, probably leading to my node being down a few days, as watchtower’s kept restarting the container indefinitely. (It was working fine for the first months, but I think the change from alpha to beta ruined it.) My node has been up 24/7 with 1 gbps up / down since june, until the problems in sept, which must have ruined my node rating. I am running the docker node on synology, currently v0.20.1 and only have 6.6 GB Egress / 16.1 Ingress and 0.8TB used (no change almost in the past 12 days) Uptime 145h18m7s width a neighborhood size of 321

Can anyone verify if the above payouts make sense? (which I think don’t, as recent problems should not affect last months payout, or do they?)

hi @h0w thanks for posting. The fastest way for you to get what you need is to file a ticket at the helpdesk at with your details, which will open a direct line of inquiry into the matter.

Thanks I have contacted support

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Payouts for August are still going out as far as I know and you get paid per satellite. Wait a while longer and see if you get more. These may just have been the smaller satellites.

Support said the same, and this is the answer. I have received additional STORJ in another payout a few hours ago. Thanks for the help.

Read what it says. You may receive additional amounts.


Also please mind the language. There are lots of people willing to help out here, please treat them with respect.


Also keep in mind the held amount in escrow. It is 75% in the first 3 months.

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Yea i know about the escrow but even if i were to receive 100% it would not have been more then 4 coins… so what is the ideea of this ? That storj makes proffit and pays us nothing ? Would any of you keep the nodes running for 12 cents a month ?

Would you please read the post marked as the solution to this topic and wait until payouts are actually done.

F.Y.I. I made over $100 in actual storj payouts already (since march) and more of that is held in escrow for 50% payout after the first 15 months and the rest when I gracefully exit. Your 12 cents is not representative.


Just to be sure:

My 3 nodes each received between 2 and 5 storj this run in 2-3 separate amounts.
Is more coming?

I received (“surge”??) payounts, among others a 133 storj payout per node in August (except my last node, which I set up in August). That is a big difference.

4 active satellites and most node will have dealt with all 4 of them. If you still have v2 nodes you will get a payout for that as well. So you can get up to 5 payouts.
I’m sure there will be a notification here when payouts are completed as well, so you can also wait for that. It usually takes several day for all payouts to go out.

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