StorJ Payout & Statistics - (monthly) - My Experience

Wanted to report out some stats after first month of Node running

Duration - 2019-November-1 to 2019-November-30
Internet speed - 250 Mbps
Total Storage used - 350 GB. Allocated storage 1.5 TB
Downtime - Approx 2 day - because the noip2 / ddns expired. sigh
Payout - 19 STORJ/ $2

Interesting experiment :upside_down_face:

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about 1 month is veeteng process, you have to get 100 audits, then you will get full amount of data.
On my veeted node every day was about 40-50 GB trafic , nad about half of this was upload, result was much better, but octover was same as yours.

Thank you for the comments. Am still learning and experimenting. Long way to go!
Glad to be part of the project.

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I hope you are aware of Surge payouts and that your node has held amount too.

Yes I am aware. Just documenting my experience. Will update here on a monthly basis :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Then I would suggest editing the title Storj Payouts & Statistics (monthly) - My experience

I have updated the title :slight_smile:


Month 2 update.
Some good news and Some bad news.

The payout for 01-Dec-2019 to 31-Dec-2019 was almost double that of November.
Received 33 StorJ tokens. (approx $3.3/-)

Now, for the unfortunate bad news, somewhere during the last weeks of december, the node got paused on all 3 satellites. Dropped a few emails to get some clarification. There is no way to reinstate the node if its paused. Will definitely lose out on the surge payments and have to wait longer for the audits to complete.

Here are few learnings.

  1. Double-check to make sure /etc/fstab has an entry (if you are using external harddisk as storage space).
  2. The dynamic DNS update need to be reliable, example - if you are using some sort of cloudflare dns update using ddclient or dyndns, double triple check to make sure the domain is accessible.

These are home user woes i suppose, wont be an issue for VPS storj nodes.

Not disheartened, still in it! Peace.

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That’s unfortunate that your node got disqualified. Do you know what exactly caused the issue? The second point you mentioned could cause your node to be offline, but you’re not disqualified because of that currently. Did the HDD get mounted under a different name?

Either way, I hope your new node will do better. You should still get X2 surge payout for January I think.

My guess (not sure) is that the external hard drive was not having a static mount point in fstab. So, during a home server restart, the drive got mounted as /mnt/storj1 instead of/mnt/storj.
Note: Storj setup documentation does explicitly state this in prerequisites page .

The second issue was that I was using as mentioned in the guide, and sub domain names expire every 30 days or so. you get an email reminder, if you somehow miss that, and the domain is inaccessible for a few days, thats problematic. I’d recommend using or some other alternative .

Anyway, all good. Learning experiences. :slight_smile:

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