Storj Performance

Did anybody run any performance tests after the latest updates? I’m curious how it changes over time. Like delete speed, which should be improved, and those very spiky bandwidth graphs.

If you’re referring to the recent update that specifically improved delete speed when deleting an entire bucket. I don’t think other scenarios were improved by that specific change. Though work on that is always being done in the background, I’m sure.

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This weekend I deleted an old Backup. 10K files with 300GB deleted in less then 30 seconds.

At some point we want to implement a similar function on the folder level. At the moment that has not the highest priority. We simply don’t have customers complaining about it. My own usecase is a good example. I usually delete an entire bucket or just a few files here and there. I never delete like 90% out of a bucket. Since uploads are free I usually delete the bucket and reupload the few files that I wanted to keep.


@littleskunk same for me. Please implement easy and fast bucket delete

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It is already implemented. See latest changelog.


Ah, right, only on bucket level, forgot about that. How about bandwidth? There’s several people that did benchmarks before, I’m curious.