Storj principial circuit by my review

It is like religious sect - you use your resourses for your node in the first some months after than you will get new level and a little more options called “rewards” but in the end you can be disqualificated in any time without no reason if are out of strong rules. So you loose your actives and power sourses but storage get your free HDD space for nothing and from other side payments from Storj clients. And tokens in this circuit like a bible in religion - can be printable without limits if you are good guy from United States. Correct me if I wrong. But give me something too if I wrong. Some tokens but not just a promises to get it all after 15 months. I am included in this game now. But is in this world alternatives of Storj for compare what is better?

Like in real life - you may compare it with career. What’s the difference?

All tokens are minted years ago, there is no new tokens will be minted. See All Articles About Token Report

You will receive tokens for the service. If you want to receive them every month - you can opt-in for zkSync, we do not have a Minimum Payout Threshold on zkSync yet.

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