Storj problem after newest update

Hey! im having a problem with 1 of my nodes atm. it updated to the newest version 1.101.3 and after that it wont start saying this

2024-05-01T11:51:16+03:00 INFO Current binary version {Service: storagenode-updater, Version: v1.101.3}
2024-05-01T11:51:16+03:00 INFO New version is being rolled out but hasn’t made it to this node yet {Service: storagenode-updater}

Any ideas?

Does it provide any errors when starting? Can you search your logs for the word fatal and see what comes up?

Hello @Hjallisharkimo,
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You showed logs from the storagenode-updater, not from storagenode.
But I guess you are on Windows GUI and have a duplicated keys in your config.yaml and your node is stopping, am I right?
If so, you may check this:

This one

Is not a problem actually. You need to wait, until the release would be available for your NodeID.