Storj projects over before even started?

When I open -> “This service is currently offline”

When upload to -> “Could not save metadata” message instead of successful upload.

Are Storj projects over before they even start?

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Hey @jammerdan!
Thank you for asking and bringing this up!

I just checked and it works fine for me. Maybe a temporary issue on the connection. Can you provide me with a time when you tried the upload?
I can then check our logging to see if there is something of interest.

In terms of we are working on issues in the connector, that caused files to not be available via the ipfs commands. When that it sorted out, we plan on starting it back up.


I’ll try it later if it will work for me again.

It would be really helpful to display this kind of information on that web page.

I also came across It is not totally clear to me if this is a Storj project too, but at the bottom, when I open that works. But does not load anything (I am not sure if it is supposed to load that file this way, but I am assuming it should).

YaCDN was more of an older experiment, and has not been integrated with V3 yet. Gitbackup is a better project to look at.

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I checked it again in the meantime and now it is working again. Something has changed as it did not work for the past like 10 days.

I accidently stumbled across YaCDN and it looked really interesting. With thousands and thousands of nodes in different locations it sounds like Tardigrade could be a perfect CDN and not just some storage space. It certainly would be interesting if that project would be further pursued.

We definitely need a list of all projects and their current status. seems to be not working again.

Uploads fail:

Error (500) during upload of file

I just checked it. Someone was abusing it, with failing uploads on purpose to collect garbage on the system. I put a fix up for it.

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Ok. I will try later again.
But maybe more resilancy is needed? And better monitoring?

What are the future plans for this? Is this Storj official or your private project?
Do you know the very similar site ? Are they also using Tardigrade?

We are working on the native implementation .
That will give us the reliability as it removes all currently used bandaids. The domain name is intentionally with the ALPHA subdomain, to show that its not the production ready endpoint. is not a tool of us and does not run on our network (yet).

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It is down again. Same error code, the cause might be different. I have tried multiple times since yesterday evening.

Of course it is a work in progress, however it it goes down always for the same reason, or if it is down and it remains un-noticed, it does not help anybody.