Storj Token Reserve Tranches - Follow-up

They will be forced to buy if no reserves.


To buy something you don’t need, you must first sell something you don’t need.

FUD. Storj operates at a loss as it continues to grow. The entire company has frequent meetings where the financials are discussed. The company is well diversified and has quite a bit more than a year of runway.

No company can operate at a loss forever. Storj revenue continues to grow and significant efforts are being made to further that growth. Every additional bit of revenue that comes in extends the runway further.

The company can also look for outside funding if necessary. The executives and everyone in the company are aware of what needs to be done to continue the growth of the company.


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Storj publishes a quarterly token report to provide transparency into the use of the Storj token on the network. In addition, Storj shares network statistics transparently via API and provides regular updates on the state of the business via the blog, town halls, webinars, press releases, presentations at industry events, twitter spaces and a range of other interactions with the community.

Storj has a long history of transparency and candor as evidenced by the efforts described above. We feel strongly that these efforts are appreciated by the vast majority of our community. We always welcome helpful suggestions, but also think it’s important to avoid distractions and trolling. In this vein, we welcome constructive feedback from our community, but also won’t entertain needless back and forth with those who don’t have our community’s best interest at heart.


They were cost much less (1000 to have a full reward, and price were $0.1), see:

And yes, I remember you, you always trying to speculate on tokens role and their spending :wink:

I do not understand what is your goal and why you in this Community, trying to create a bad impression on Storj?

Storj never been a cryptocurrency-oriented project, we always oriented on p2p storage, using crypto algorythms and make the sharing is adecvately compensated for Operators (Farmers in the past).


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Friendly reminder that our Crowdsale participants already had acquired their SJCX during the 2014 SJCX Crowdsale, which closed at a SJCX price of $0.01. This is the price that the 10,000 holding requirement for Test Group B was based on. The point was to reward the Crowdsale participants for being early adopters.

Obviously there will always be price swings and the fact that SJCX was worth more at the start of Test Group B and thus more expensive to acquire for late participants is irrelevant. People who joined late were still able to participate with a lower amount of SJCX, and receive lesser rewards as you can read in the Test Group B announcement post linked above.

Furthermore, @Alexey correctly stated that for Test Group C, the holding requirement was only 1000 SJCX which at that time were worth around $0.10 each. He even linked the Test Group C announcement post where this was clearly stated. Why try to confuse people by referring to the Test Group B 10,000 SJCX requirements?

So please don´t misrepresent the facts. Anyone interested in reading about the early history of Storj can start with the Bitcointalk Announcement post published by our founder @super3 in July 2014.


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Alexey was clearly referring to the Test Group C requirements. If you joined before the Test Group C start date of July 11, 2016 when Test Group B was still going on, then you had to acquire 10,000 SJCX to start operating a node, and my earlier comments apply - you were not a CrowdSale participant, and had to buy the SJCX at whatever the current price was at the time you joined. And that is the way things go when you are not a CrowdSale contributor, you do not get to enjoy the advantages that may result from taking a risk on a new project from the beginning.

You are yourself quoting the Test Group B requirements, which I linked in the post right above yours, so if you had actually read it you would not have had to ¨search a while.¨ Not sure why you go looking for third party articles when we link you directly to the official sources.

Once again, as stated above, these requirements you quoted (while conveniently leaving out the fact that this was for Test Group B) of course were in effect when you joined in Jan/Feb 2016. I don´t see what is your point. You continue to try to confuse people into thinking that somehow we are trying to take advantage of our node operators?

I would recommend our community members not get distracted by false claims being posted on this forum by people who for some reason are trying to put Storj in a bad light, even after admitting that they have benefitted from participating in our project since 2016.