Storj uninstall fully

I’m having issues with the VM I loaded this on. I want to fully remove storj, and free up any space allocated to it. How do I do this?
Once I have it fully purged here I’m going to spin up a dedicated VM for it to run on.

Hey @tjcstuart , welcome to the community. If you plan on still running a node you should keep the data and identity, otherwise you would lose payout, lose escrow and reputation and need a new invite token. You can find information on how to keep your data and identity save while moving to a new machine or VM here.

Is your issue related to storj? Perhaps you could share some more info and we could help you fix it without starting over.

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It was running fine for awhile, but about a week ago the node just would not start back up.
The VM I have it on now is also my media server and I don’t want to reset it to start over. So I want to fully purge everything storj related, including docker, from this VM so I can spin up one dedicated to stroj.
The data/identity is actually on a shared storage, outside the VM itself. So I could get away with leaving that if it’s better to…

You do not need to uninstall anything, this is a charm of the docker - just stop and remove the container and deal done.
You also can run a docker system prune command and confirm the cleanup

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yes, definitely leave that. If you’re going to get rid of the VM, just stop the node safely first with docker stop -t 300 storagenode
After that you can just install docker on a new VM and follow the normal instructions. Point the run command to the same locations you used before.

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