Storj Upload Issue

Hello in nextcloud we have mounted storj buck as an external storage. It was working fine for uploading files. To make space we have cleaned /tmp/. now getting this error

Storj\Uplink\Exception\InternalException: uplink: stream: open /tmp/tee1296056342: no such file or directory

We have tried remove it from nextcloud and remount it as an external storage. But issue is still there

I’m not quite sure about the NextCloud part. I’ll ask people who know more about it.

But, the libuplink uses temp directory to avoid keeping all the streams in-memory. uplink-php library does contain necessary options to use in-memory uplink-php/Config.php at eaff2d02c8382026e640988f5325cef23ce69c9f · storj-thirdparty/uplink-php · GitHub

My best guesses are that:

  1. /tmp/ got their permissions changed for some reason
  2. /tmp/ doesn’t exist anymore
  3. while deleting, it lost a file that was being used for upload or download
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Directory exist and have following permissions

drwxrwxrwt 8 root root 12288 Mar 16 17:09 tmp

yes its uses some files under /tmp/ but it is off course deleted. Now need to recreate/fix that

As an aside, in the next release I’m changing the configuration to “inmemory” (config: set temp storage to in-memory by Erikvv · Pull Request #25 · storj-thirdparty/uplink-php · GitHub).

This setting is currently not exposed.

  1. while deleting, it lost a file that was being used for upload or download

To my knowledge the code is stateless and it loads the shared library in every request, so there should always be a fresh slate.

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I’ll make the release but it will take some time until it is available.

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Please check the free space for /tmp.

v0.0.7 has been released.

It should be available for automatic update in a day. Or manually from Storj - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Please let me know if it fixed your issue.


This issue resolved it self after a day. Now it is able to create temporary files at /tmp for uploading.

Thanks for your help