Storj V2 network

is storj v2 network working? does it need new nodes?

It’s working, but it’s being kept online by existing nodes. There is nearly no traffic at all and even for existing farmers the income has basically dried up. I’m keeping mine online only because a few customers are still using it and I don’t want them to lose their data.

New nodes will start with 0 reputation and most likely will never receive any data.

But here’s the good news. The v3 waitlist is getting invites really quickly these days. At max 2 weeks. So just join that waitlist and get on board with the shiny new thing.

Whoops, just looked at your post history and saw you’re already waiting for a token. Make sure you joined the correct waitlist. It can be a little confusing, some people accidentally joined the developer waitlist instead.

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Yes, i joined yeasterday in the waitlist , i do not know when i will recive the token but i hope to recive it few days.

Can i shutdown v2 netwok nodes?

Please keep your V2 nodes online until we announce that V2 is completely shut down. We still have customers on V2 and don’t want them to lose their data. They are now in the process of migrating to V3 so it should not be much longer.