Storjo node stopped working

Hello, is there something wrong with storj nodes? since today 24 lulio, mine went offline I was present.

Hi Sergio83. There are no current problems with the network. So the problem is likely with your node. Could you give us more details about your setup? Is this Windows GUI or a Linux/Docker install? How old is the node? In the mean time you can also check this post for some initial troubleshooting.

I managed to solve it, my internet operator that changes the IP every month, thank you very much for everything. a question, can the bandwidth be modified to increase the node download and upload speed? thank you.

You should make sure you set up a DDNS service so you don’t have to manually change the ip address when it is changed by your ISP.
A recent discussion of different DDNS services can be found here: Alternative to noip and ddns?

If you are referring to the BANDWIDTH parameter in the run command/config file, this option is no longer used. There is no way to increase the bandwidth used by the node. If you are still using the BANDWIDTH parameter, you should check the latest documentation to make sure you are using all of the recommended parameters. BANDWIDTH was removed quite some time ago.

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Thank you very much for the help, it has been very useful.
ul greeting

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