Substantial repair traffic download

my egress is showing about 30% repair download, is repair traffic substantial these days? and if yes, why is that so?
Is that because of many nodes quitting the network? Or many disqualifications?

The older the data on your node is, the more likely it needs repair. My new nodes see pretty much no repair egress, but my oldest node sees more than 50% of egress being repair traffic.

Currently on my node it’s about 3% of stored data per month. But it would probably be closer to being related to the amount stored of a few months back as it will take a few months before enough pieces are lost to trigger repair in most cases.

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been seeing about 5 gb repair egress and 10 gb repair ingress avg every day for the last 10 days.
i know for certain that i haven’t misplaced a byte… and not a bit of information have been changed / lost.

duno how exactly this repair thing works or what its doing… but ill gladly take the slight extra earnings it will give me…

why would i have repair ingress, if there is nothing to repair… is that like something with the erasure coding getting updated or something clever like that… maybe some way to keep pieces alive for longer…

i’m very sure i have no bit errors… atleast from when the data hit my system… and pretty sure the tcp wouldn’t allow me to get corrupted data… which leave either the sat sent me bad data or the sat is somehow updating pieces or something like that…

feel free to enlighten me with links or just a basic idea of why you assume it data damage that is being repaired on repair ingress or where it would come from

Repair uploads and downloads are not related to data lost of you own node, but data lost by others. If availability of a segment falls below the repair threshold, the satellite downloads enough pieces from nodes that still have them (repair downloads) and then recreates the lost pieces, which are uploaded to a new set of healthy nodes (repair upload). So whether you serve the paid download or receive a repaired piece and thus more storage. It’s always good for you.

ah right i follow… so i was sort of right… its because the erasure coding is essentially a mathematical sequence and thus when something is being repaired it might need to add pieces to the sequences existing on my node…

this erasure coding thing sure is kind of amazing… i just haven’t had the time to deep dive it… sadly