Suddenly low amount of audits

Hi everybody,

I just startet my first node about a month ago and everything was working fine so far.
Over the last weeks the amount of audits coming in was steadily increasing until 2 days ago when I got zero audits which is still the case right now.

I know audits are expected to be completely random but that sudden decline makes me think there’s a fault on my side. The logs of my node (docker) don’t show any errors tho.

As I couldn’t find a similar case here in the forums I’d be glad if someone could help me figuring out if I’m doing something wrong.

Best regards

If there’s no audit error in the logs and your satellite scores are ok, everything is working as expected. :v:t2:

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Being offline will also show no audit errors :wink:

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I can confirm. On my new Nodes (vetting) i get no new audits, too. Since a few days.

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That’s normal :v:t2:

… and is reflected in the satellite scores :innocent:

If that clarifies your concerns, you can resolve the thread.

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Audits have gone up again (4 in the last 5 hours).

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