Suddenly super low bandwith


I have a question.

Suddenly I have super low bandwith since around april:

I live in the Netherlands. But with this bandwith is it not even worth running the node. Since V1.1.1 I cant see the bandwith cap but I have set it to 30TB wich I have not reached at all.

Hope someone can help.

You have a 1TB node and it is full?

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I have 750GB and that is full yes.

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I would guess that your node is full of “long term” data and so no egress/ingress is possible. You have to hope that a customer deletes something or you can add more space.
This is guessing. You could post some logs for someone else to analyse

Hereby the log:

Hope someone can analyze it. Because now it is not worth it and with this bandwith I consider closing the node.

it’s recommended to read the guides first.

  • There is no BW cap, that’s gone.
  • If you look at egress over time you will most likely se another pattern.

I think he means “click the egress and ingress buttons of the graph to see if you are still getting paid egress”

Egress is about 1 to 4GB each day.

can’t be that much egress, because that screen is ingress and egress combined and he looks to be at somewhere around 1-2gb total a day, with peaks days of maybe 4gb - deleted and ingress…

so maybe 60-100gb uploaded in a month which isn’t far away from the 5% egress to stored data ratio i’ve been seeing…

so yeah you node doesn’t seem outside the usual on first glance…

This month I have made 27 cents. So that is not even worth it keeping it running.

storj is fairly new, and the first many months the node won’t behave like older nodes do…
uploaded data might not be needed… think of when you save something… you rarely save stuff you need straight away… especially not on an external storage medium…

so what you store now might be downloaded randomly, but early on people won’t want it… takes a while…
the economy of running nodes gets better the larger they get…
that doesn’t mean small nodes cannot make money, but it takes time… any trial run less than 6 + months on a node means it basically didn’t have a chance to let its wheels touch the ground.

this is also why storj has the 15 month payout of 50% escrow… thats around when they expect a node to have run a life cycle approximately… so really any run on a node shorter than that, one should expect a decrease in profitability…

and the shorter the run and the lower the storage space the more difficult the profitability gets.
this is not a quick profit thing… but if you set it up right and has the patience and system reliability for it, then it can make you a fair return.

The future is yours, if you can count… xD

This looks very similar to my first node I ever had which only has a 900gigs used

I also ran GE on satellite 118 so thats probably why I haven’t seen egress for a long time cause thats the only satellite that is getting any data off your nodes. This node is from May 2019. I didn’t expect much for it but it has made more then 27cents since I ran it.

You cannot expect to get egress 24/7 this is not mining. Setting bandwidth means nothing doesnt mean your gonna getting that amount of bandwidth if you looked at the estimated calculations that is why you probably think this, which is not true at all.

57% (17 days of 30) of April have passed and I am at:

Estimated Gross Payout: $0.39

Data (for all Satellites):

  • 99% of 2TB drive used.
  • Only 3.1GB of Egress traffic.

Node in Europe.

Seems it’s just peanuts for the SNOs and not worth keeping the node on.

If you account for the actual amount its more like 4 dollars. But if your node is new most of it is withheld. I can tell you over the past 11 months of running my node I made around 900+ sorry this is CAD not usd dollars. This isnt a race your not gonna make much when starting out, this is over time to gain anything.

But how much GB do you have available for the node?

Here is what happens when a newish (3 month) 1TB (800GB shared) storagenode becomes (20th April) full :

The egress does not drop to zero.

I assume fast storagenodes that get full very quickly might have very low egress at first.

So a newish 1TB storagenode might be expected to earn $1.25 for storing and the same again for egress. This means that a 3.5" 1TB drive is unprofitable due to electric cost. Mine is Pi4 + USB3-NVMe so it is printing free money now (but not much really TBH and it is mostly held back)

And yes, the ingress is now super low