[Suggestion] Remove storjboard from wiki


I was going through the wiki a bit and stumbled upon the storjboard doc, but it seems like that project has died as the website and github repository linked on that page are both dead.

Link to the doc: https://docs.storj.io/docs/storjboard

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Hello @arunesh90!
Welcome to forum!

Thank you for your suggestion!
I will look into it

The monitoring tool StorjBoard for v2 has been removed from the docs site, thank you for notifying!

P.S. all tools on that paragraph of the docs.storj.io are for v2 and useless for v3. The site docs.storj.io will be sunsetted very soon anyway. All useful docs will be on a new platform


Finally! Was wondering why that wasn’t removed. Been using it until it disappeared a long time ago.

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