Survey about StorJ use for Bachelor Thesis

Hi, I am currently studying business informatics in a German University and I am writing my Bachelor Thesis about decentralized Cloud-Storage using Blockchain technologies. One Aspect I am taking a closer look at are possible as well as real-world use-cases for such storage and where its benefits lie compared to traditional Cloud-Storage like AWS or Azure.

Therefore, I would like to ask you for your help. If you use StorJ to store Data you would really help me out if you filled out this short anonymous Survey (~3 min). This will provide Information about the real-world use cases, user group as well as problems / challenges a provider like StorJ comes with.

It is completely anonymous and except for the first, all questions are optional so you don’t have to share more than you are willing to. But the more details you provide the better!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Here is the full link to the Survey: How do you use StorJ? Survey


Storj dont using Blockchain technologies to hold data, tokens used only as utility token for payments.

Yeah, I know that. In my thesis the focus does not lay on StorJ but the theoretical Architecture and fully decentralized Networks like for example SCP instead.
StorJ however is still decentralised looking at the Node Operators and has a higher number of real Users compared to e.g., SCP. That’s the reason I chose StorJ for the survey.

Hi Alpha, I’ll take your survey, no problem.

The name is Storj, pronounced “Storage” officially. In the early days, everyone called it something different. Stor-J was common. Storgh was also common. But, apparently it is just Storj and pronounced Storage. At times if you want to distinguish between the actual word Storage and Storj, you can refer to Storj as “Storj DCS” when discussing the platform itself.

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Thanks for the info I will take that into account and also thanks for taking the survey :smiley:

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