Suspended Due to downtime

I had some nodes suspended due to downtime. From my understanding the dq for this isn’t active yet, so I can still rescue my nodes.

When a node is suspended, will it always show as offline on the web dashboard?

The offline mean that it’s offline, no matter - suspended or not.
So, this is a reason for the suspension by the way.

Please use this thread for troubleshooting why is it offline:

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Yes i did all the standard troubleshooting. It is strange, out of many nodes, during the update about 10% of them didn’t auto update. Then once manually updating i had to restart a couple of the nodes more than once in order to get them to show as online again.

The %'s are slowly coming back. Thaks for the quick reply.

You are welcome!
Please, remove the watchtower, pull a new watchtower image and run it again:

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