Suspension without reason

My 38 month old node today was suspended from without ANY reason.
Full 3.6TB of data carefully kept online all this years.

This is very demotivating for me. I was just planning to upgrade to 8TB disk, but after this excess,
maybe I will just shut down the node.

Any help or comment is welcomed.


Hi @olegmartinoski ,

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Sorry to hear you are having such an unusual issue.
I’ve forwarded this to the team and someone will return here to help you sort it out.

@olegmartinoski Could you provide the ID of the node that was disqualified?

The node was not disqualified but suspended. There are many threads here on the forum about how to look for reasons of suspension and fix the underlying cause. Once that has been done, the node will likely quickly recover.


Oops, yeah, I misread. Suspension is much less worrying.


Could you please check the following to see if there’s any errors?

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -E "GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR" | grep failed

Assuming you’re running the node with Docker on Linux, otherwise you might need to use another command like mentioned on this page:

Hi Friends.
Thanks for the very fast response and offered help!
This problem with suspension on eu1 disappeared mysteriously as it appeared!
Now it is OK again.
Maybe the problem is at satellite side or somewhere between.

Very Best Regards,

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You can search for reason in your logs:

I have a similar problem. I got an email with the message that says: " Your Storage Node on the us-central-1 Satellite was suspended because it produced errors too often during audits".
However the node works perfectly all the logs are clean from the last 3 months, the file system has no error, the dashboard does not report any suspension. The node was automatically updated 4 days ago to version 1.66.1.
I believe there is a malfunction in the monitoring/alerting system on STORJ side.

How to get any feedback on this?

Thank You very much for sharing this experience with me!
Exactly the same scenario happened with my node when it updated to 1.66.1.
I recovered to normal state the next day bu itself.

Best Regards!

So likely suspension were before this email. When the new version is installed, the node restarted, and force check-in on the satellites. Due this issue it receives an email about the past state.

Thank You Alexey!

Best Regards,