Swap between STORJ and ETH on zkSync Era via SyncSwap

This is it?

Introducing txPortal

zkSync took a step further towards decentralization by open-sourcing their portal and bridge, and handed them off to [the TxFusion team]

The pool is still there and running fine:

since i did not manage to send storj to era, i will wait until payday. and some months more maybe.

Sorry to dig this up again, did you add your liquidity at storj value of $1?

I added some liquidity on this pool :slight_smile:


And if you are using DeBank, please vote for proposal:

I added STORJ/ETH at the market price ratio of what it was back then.

On one hand, the price of STORJ has almost doubled in the past few days.

On the other hand, there is a undersupply of STORJ on zkSync Era, because it’s not yet possible to bridge your existing STORJ tokens from L1 to zkSync Era via the official bridge website. (Maybe it’s possible with direct smart contract interaction?)

Currently, STORJ is at 0.77$ - and the remaining overpricing is likely due to a lack of STORJ tokens on zkSync Era. When briding is possible in near future (the company has already made a request for the website), then arbitrage can be done and the price will reflect the global market price better again.

Great! Nice to see other people joining!

I did push in some eth to make it more favorable to storj token owners, at least I think I did

On the other side, fees go to the moon ~300 :rocket:

It’s any way to withdraw my storjs tokens to L1 paying the tx fees with storj token

im struggling with syncswap bridge, i select storj for the tx fee but metamask throw me an error because not enough ethereum balance

Regarding the ethereum balance. I am not sure, if paying gas with STORJ token is already possible.

I simply used the official zkSync Era bridge to transfer some ETH to L2 to pay for gas fees. I also put more ETH to provide the same amount of $ in ETH as I did for STORJ into the pool.

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i have some eth on kraken and they already enabled withdraw to zksync era, straight forward this way. Send ether from kraken to zksync era for paying fees.

I already disabled zksync on my payment because all the stuff needed to get around for just +3%

unfortunately, jumper.exchange no longer works for STORJ-USDC :frowning:

Slightly OT: I asked here whether somebody tried to deposit directly from zkSync Era to Bitrefill, but got no answer. Maybe somobody in this thread knows.

This could be a cheap way to get some sort of fiat for STORJ tokens.

I did Era to Bitrefill last week. It worked fine. Moved $26 USDC in, bought a $20 card, activated it, and my wife bought a coffee. It didnt work the last time I tried it, maybe a couple months ago, but it worked this time.


Thanks, do you still have some $ left from the $26 or was it all eaten by fees?

The $20 card was exactly $20. I sent $27.03, 24 cents of sending fee, and have $6.89 left.

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No huge liquidity, be warn on slippage on this pool.
And if you add liquidity, prefer adding tokens in balanced proportion

Any idea how much liquidity would make the slippage acceptable?