Switching from Docker on Diskstation to the new Synology Storage Node App

Hey guys! I’m new here and running my node on a Synology Diskstation for a few days now. I just found that there are new docs regarding a Synology Storage Node App. Once this is available for download, could I easily switch from Docker to this app?


I wonder if there would be any advantage.

I’m currently running the docker on my synology and its been running nice and smooth.


There are? Where? I´m running 2 Syn and I´d love to see a native app for them.

We are working on getting the Synology binaries published, along with the corresponding documentation. Please note that the current documentation is not quite finalized yet. Please stay tuned for more details!

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Would the Synology native app work on a Synology Disk Station that doesn’t support running Docker? Or would the requirements be similar, as to say if the machines doesn’t support docker it also wouldn’t run the native app?

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Noted. Regardless, let me point to this part. :slight_smile:

Also the documentation as well as your message refer to synology binaries, but as I understood it it would be based on the Docker container. Has this changed? If not, I think the reference to binaries is a little confusing.

Good to see things are coming along though!

Like I said, the documentation is not corrected yet, some sections were copy/pasted from the QNAP version and we are still working on making sure we correct these details. Please do not take these instructions as finalized yet.

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My real question is - aside from a GUI instead of docker via the command line, is there an advantage to running the synology app over the docker version. (i actually don’t prefer to use a gui to mange the nodes)

No, it uses docker in the background anyway. So you might as well manage it yourself if you don’t care about the GUI.

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Does that mean it will only run on docker compatible NAS then? (I’m talking Synology)

Yes, it does mean that.