Synology App Problem

Hello, I have following problem with the Preview Native Synology App:

When I install it on my DS918+, the App runs, but I can’t find it under installed apps. I just can stop and uninstall it. But there is no way to open the App Interface.

But In my App overview I can’t find Storj

Just curious why I can’t even open the app.

If you go to your SynologyIP:14002 does the dashboard load?

No, It doesn’t load.

How to open the Overview to setup the Node?

@CaptainRyzen - can you post a screenshot of your main menu?

No StorjNode App on main menu

the app doesn’t work at this stage but if you click on it you have to run it first

I had the same problem. The package would install and show up running in the package center, but no shortcut anywhere to start the app. In my case, I’m not using the default admin account to login to the NAS (my user account has admin rights though).

To get the app to show up I had to go to “Control Panel -> Privileges”, double click the storage node app and put a checkmark in the “Allow” box of the user I’m logging in with. After that it would appear in the start menu.


Thanks, that fixed my problem :slight_smile: