Synology Backup "no response from destination server"

My Synology backup has a “No response from the destination server” error. It’s been running fine for the past several months.

The only thing that has changed was a I replaced my Network switch with a Cisco CBS220 smart switch, but I haven’t configured anything.

I can ping “
I have tried to Test Data integrity, but same error.
I even tried to create a new bucket and backup, and still have the same problem. So not sure where the problem lies.

Any ideas?


I just moved the Synology ethernet connection from the Cisco switch directly to the Wifi Router, and now it is working.

Is there a setting the Cisco switch which would not allow the NAS to see the Storj server?

Hi @acusenza,

We don’t have anything special to block traffic from specific devices.

Perhaps the switch has some features that are enabled by default that blocks traffic with certain characteristics.

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