Tardigrade <> Comma.ai?

One open-source opportunity that I have been exploring (outside of enterprise) is Comma.ai (https://github.com/commaai/openpilot).

The software is an ML training tool for driverless cars. The team has built a self-driving system by leveraging footage from tens of thousands of individual drivers sharing their driving footage via an android app. It’s an open-source, distributed approach to building a system that competes with Tesla.

Given that they are open-source, distributed - and share some of the same ethos as Storj Network, I’ve been thinking that Tardigrade may be a good solution for them due (via Libuplink integration into android app) due to the massive amount of video data they are likely generating at edge and storing in cloud.

I have been trying to reach out to their team with little response. Does anyone want to research whether open-source collaboration via a Tardigrade Connector might be a good fit - and possibly check out their community (https://discord.comma.ai/)?