Tardigrade stats not updating

After uploading a test file. deleting it and removing the bucket tardigrade never give storage space back.
also used file space is counted twice. file size 231.237kB and it showed up as 474.60MB.

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It takes around 24 hours to update the stats.

wierd the rest of stats update instantly still not sure why it shows twice the space of the actual file i uploaded but oke. will check in 24 hours.

@Foen Just following up. Has the dashboard updated yet? As to the increased data size, that is expected. This is due to the expansion factor which allows redundant pieces of the data to be created.

Yes it updated. Both those things the delay and increased data size seems little wierd.
Been trying to make pay per download to work but seems no easy way to limit bandwich to a acces grant.

I created a bucket pushed files in it calculate the space.
created a wallet adres to recieve the coins and calculated the size and bandwidth needed and added value for software.

now i want to generate acces grant or somehow limit the bandwich to the link so i wont run out cos someone start sharing the link

At the moment this isn’t possible. There was a feature request for such a configuration - Add number of downloads as new limit option for Access Grants - #3 by Patrickrs

The ‘best’ available now would be a time limited access grant.

This is correct. I just followed up with the team about this.
We do have an item in the backlog to implement bandwidth caveats in macaroons. I can’t tell you when it will be implemented, but I did ping the relevant team that another person has requested the feature.


Thank you guys for quick respone and the insight for future! marked as solved!

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