TB h Disk space used this month dipped

Why did my disk space used this month chart dip the last few days? I am referring to the 2nd picture. It normally just slowly climbs slightly throughout the month. Nothing has changed with my node as you can see by my uptime. Also my total space used didn’t decrease. It has slowly went up this month.

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i got pretty much the same thing…
don’t think it’s real there are some issue with that graph.

its basically shows the data the satellites has computed, but if the satellites get behind on the compute the graph will drop… it can get to zero and everything will still be working…

but it does mean payments get late… because that is what it calculates…
the drop means it’s more or less a day late one the computing of how much we have earned.

Looks like what @SGC described. However the calculation doesn’t seem to catch up : the dip started on march 8th and 4 days later the graph for this day remains the same.

at one point in the past one of the sat’s have been like 1½ or more behind… before anyone really started to notice it…

its not a big deal.

but something for the storjlings to deal with, if it doesn’t sort itself out… the network is quite busy these days, so it’s not a big surprise that issues like this shows up again.

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Mine looks like you, but I only have 2,27TB data stored.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Glad it isn’t a problem on my system. Hopefully it all corrects itself over time.

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