[Tech Preview] Storage Node Multinode Dashboard

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Using the 1.33 release I get a blank page when selecting the Bandwidth and Disk page. Is that normal or is there something wrong?

My docker image is available again: derkades/multinode

Usage is the same as before: [Tech Preview] Storage Node Multinode Dashboard - #49 by Derkades


Found an interesting bug.
Used docker image built by Derkades.
I have 3 nodes on default 28967 port in different locations.
First node was added successfully, but while adding second and third node i got issue - nothing happens after “Create” button hit.
If i will delete that first node from dashboard, i can successfully add any other (that have same port) node.
tried with my other nodes on 28968/28969 ports - same thing.
So in this moment ports need to be uniq, if i want to add all your nodes to this dashboard. (i think its a bug that need to be fixed)