Test data from more geographical areas

It seems like all the test data are from servers located in Germany regardless of which satellite is being tested. Has storj considered simulating clients and test data from other geographical locations to simulate real client traffic? Maybe the TRASH data I am seeing is due to the test client being from Germany and I am in Los Angeles. If the test client was in Los Angeles uploading test data, maybe clients in Germany or EU would start seeing the same upload cancelled and trash patterns as others in other parts of the world.

Yes but the traffic is way to expensive on any other provider. We haven’t found a provider that is as cheap as Hetzner.

Negative. The location has an effect on download and upload success but that has nothing to do with the trash folder.

Not sure if you are using hetzner’s vps cloud lineup but yea they are very cheap for 20TB. Here is one from OVH with US location in Virginia. $6 USD per month with 250Mbps, “unlimited”.


I think here no VPS, Storj using only Dedicated servers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hetzner has a DC in Finland now!

For dedicated. 10TB traffic for $25usd a month on the east coast of USA (Lenoir, North Carolina).


I am not sure if we select the location. We might run a few instance in Finland. I guess from a more global point of view that is still the same location in europe.


I am not an expert but “fair usage” sounds like they wouldn’t accept our usage pattern.


I will forward the other providers to the developers. I don’t want to make promises. It is hard to compete with the hetzner pricing.


Oneprovider has servers labeled as Guaranteed. Just need to soft cap.

I think than Lot of SNO can help you with test trafic, with own nodes also, just need to make small tool that wil generate trafic as testers need with remote controle. even 200-500 SNOs can make bigger trafic than STORJ can aford. Also it will be spread all over the world. Then storj dont need to throw away money for servers and spend more for SNOs for data.


@Vadim agreed, i got a server with lots more computation than i currently need, 400 mbit synchronous fiber and mostly it’s just waiting for something to do… no bandwidth cap

ofc it wouldn’t hurt if there was some sort of payment involved…

so taking some 80% utilization of my connection i could send 100TB a month, and i can easily upgrade it to 1gbit and might even save money on that… but i’m happy with the stability and service of my current provider, also they may have upgrade my connection since it was installed.

so may be able to deliver much more, usually when i test it i get much better numbers…

ofc not across the atlantic… seems like there is limited bandwidth in that direction xD
usually get 250mbit or so to the states

Also happy to help if you wanna put something in my rack.
Currently only 100Mbit fibre so you can only push 20TB or so in a month, if that helps.
I’m based in the UK though…

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+1 to help generating test data if needed! (currently located in Spain, 600 Mbps symmetric fiber connection)

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Make a Storj-Stress test app that can bypass charges. Decentralized stressor for those that wish to saturate their pipelines. Probably more accurate representation of a highly stressed production environment.