Testing status by satellites and clients for node benefit

How about a testing status from storage satellite operators and/or tardigrade clients? A section that allows testers to inform of status on testing. This could help reduce impact of node downtime if a node needs to go down for a period but could wait until certain testing completed. Just a simple testing going on, start date/time, est. end date and time/actual end date and time and on which satellites the tests are taking place.

I’ve noticed dramatically increased testing and successful data on 12L, which I think, is closer to me and while there has been testing on 118U, the amount of data I get is very small relative to my distance to the satellite and data and I have a much much higher cancelled file rate.

We have valid live customer data going into Storj right now. So, ideally your node should stay up all the time. This is only expected to grow. There are also people, other than Storj, doing testing as they build out their applications.


My node is only 10 day old, and i see my bandwidth growing every day. Today is new record 25GB up and 25GB Down, plus small size of repair data. For me it is small size of bandwidth i have 100/100Mbit optical fiber connection, it is about 1TB a day up or down.