Thank you for the support

Dear Alexey,
I recently contacted you with regards to bandwidth issues I experienced when using the nextcloud backup app. I have now switched to Duplicati as advised by you and using the options recommended by Storj and, since then, I am not seeing any suspicious bandwidth use.
So I simply wanted to thank you very much for your kind help :slight_smile:
Best regards,


Hello @silaxe,
Iā€™m glad that you solved an issue!
I honestly was surprised, that they implemented a backup application in a such not effective way (7 stages: backup, downloading (!) a previous snapshot by some reason, compare, make a difference, encrypt, compress and upload).

I use restic because I like the snapshot idea and backup only a difference and from the CLI, where you can fully control, what you backup, how often and can be sure that you can restore your files on the exact timestamp.
But Duplicati simplify many things. Just note their database is not so robust, as I hoped (not in case of Storj hopefully), so you may have troubles in some rare cases.

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