Thank you Storj

I would like to say a word of praise here! I’ve been here for over 2 years now and have now occupied around 18 TB with Storj. Overall I am extremely happy with the project. What is also important here, in my opinion, is the appreciation that Storj has for the node operators like me. I’ve also tried other projects and canceled again! The forum and the help, but especially the tone, are positive to mention. I look forward to more years with Storj. Keep it up!


I agree. But we need more paying customers…


@Frieseba my node celebrated its second birthday last week and I share the same sentiment. I don’t post on any other forums but found the project, the business and the community a joy to be involved with.


Node operator since V1.
Started with 1 RPI node with 2TB won in a contest…now with 4 nodes totaling 48TB :stuck_out_tongue:


same here, happy with my choice of going with storj…
tried 3-5 different projects and Storj and Golem are thus far the only ones to really stick long term, and golem is still pretty new to me…

would be nice if with all the opensource initiative there would follow a rewards program similar to what Golem Factory is doing.

as i think that would greatly benefit both storjlabs and the hyper engaged external participants of the project.

  Keep Calm
 Keep Storjing

I am also very happy to be part of the people of storj. For over 2 years and with 7 nodes with a total of 60TB and with an occupied space of about 30TB. I am also a user because I upload my scheduled backups of my other two ESXi servers to Eu1 since I am in Italy and every week I upload and download about 600GB of backups. I am lucky to have two fiber connections of 2.5gbs down and respectively 300 and 700 mbps up. Virtually zero latencies around 1ms. Keep it up and in a while I will also increase the number of nodes. :wink:




What you people said sounds great.

I wonder why i have only 3,3 TB ?!

I joined the network April 2021, I read the replies and see that others could collect 48 TB in 2 years!

Do i miss something here?

They would need to have access to multiple /24 IP subnets in order to do that. Since the network went into production a node that has been active for all that time would have at most collected roughly 22TB at this point. 3.3TB in about a year is slightly on the low side, but well within normal behavior for recent network activity.

As for the original topic. I completely agree. This project and community has been amazing. And that includes the Storj presence on the community. I’ve been around since the days and had a few nodes on v2 as well. But it’s been awesome to see the growth since the v3 launch and beyond.
Because I’ve been around a while, I was able to make some decent income from my nodes, but more importantly for me at least, this has been a very rewarding hobby. I’ve learned a lot along the way and was able to build some on tools for Storj as well. It’s so good to see that great concept I first read about in the Storj V3 whitepaper become a real and great product and see that traffic has almost entirely shifted to customer traffic. Not only does it work, but it’s being put to work for very real use cases. And it’s great to be able to play my small part in that. :slight_smile:


I joined feb 21. I have around 3,52TB. Still waiting for the return of half staked money that should be released in month 16. So it might be this payment.

yeah the 16 month thing is tricky, it triggers after 16 months so payout is the 17th month.
got me also.

and just for reference i also have a couple node that is 16 months which is a around the 3TB mark.
so @moudar you are pretty much where everyone else is with nodes of the same age…
mine are a bit lower than the avg due to downtime or poor performance i guess…

Same here. I like this project. :slight_smile:

For sure!

What i have to add is how much it has helped all of us to learn through the project.
It’s probably not that profitable but getting the chance to learn so much, with the help of this community of course, with so many people willing to answer questions and help others solve their problems, along with making some money, is just great!