The end is near

I started the gracefully exit on my node. My 14TB will be redistributed in the next few days.
I work in a software company and we are closing the data center in Vienna where the node is located. I have invested a lot of time and a 13TB disk over the last few years, I made the money for it, but now that I have to look for a new location and have to pay for it, it is no longer profitable. Just for information, my data on the node, 1Gbps up / down 13TB full and 100% audits on all satellites, I get ~ 40 $ / month. I have sold all of my 46000 Storjs and started an ETH2.0 validator that is now in my garage at home.
It was a great time and a big thank you to Shawn Wilkinson for his vision.

Gerald ( Foximulder)


Did you earn 46000 STORJ only with your node? :open_mouth:

no, I’ve bought them over the years

Oh wow, that is some commitment. I just shortly read what is needed to bekome an ETH2 Validator.

i would be fine with 40$ a month for 13TB at my home! right!?
why canceling that bro, okay so whats better accouding to You? in terms of $