The groupdev gets pinged on all "Thanks for spending time with us" events

@jocelyn If anyone gets promoted in trustlevel they get a system message “Thanks for spending time with us” the members of groupdev get this message to, all the time. I allready got more than ten of these messages. Someone should remove this group from this thread.

Could you elaborate from which thread?

I have a no access to there unfortunately.
We will wait for @jocelyn

No Problem, I am not in hurry.

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Oh thats not good! I logged have an alterego account that I just checked and I see the same thing when I look at that email account.

Im actually at the airport right now, but will look into this asap

ok, that group had the default set to “watching” for all messages, not sure how I did that. Sorry!

I have changed the settings so that messaages ill only go out if someone is tagged, which should resolve the issue

Nothing what need to be fixed asap, but if when there are joining thousand new users it could spam my mailbox.

let meknow if you still keep receiving the messages after tomorrow. I 'll watch my extra inbox too

Ok, i keep an eye on it and ping you if it is still there.

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I am not sure this issue is resolved yet, but I am working on it. Thanks for your patience!

Hey, I am sorry but it seams not to be solved, got an message four hours ago.

I am getting more and more of there messages.

Either remove the group “groupdev” from this post or me from the groupdev!

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Done – I found it and fixed it! Sorry about that

It works! I can’t access the origin post, too. Thats i a good sign, because I was able to the the notices of all users, which was wrong.


Its annoying but not actually wrong, because the notices only posted the level attained, which is already public info. Sorry it took me a while to find the setting though. I agree that the volume was too high