The question you get when you recommend Storj DCS:

Someone recommends:

I don’t have an answer other than recommending check it if you want an alternative.

Someone asks:

Did you just recommend to store your data on the blockchain?

There is this general notion in peoples minds that Storj DCS is a blockchain storage. Maybe some more effort needs to be put into educating potential users.


Thank you @jammerdan !
I’ve passed this on internally

[ insert “we’re still early” meme ]

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Maybe a blog article with a title like: “Why Storj (DCS) is not a blockchain storage” or something like that (words not and blockchain important). Such would be great for linking and would be found and indexed in Google results. An then people maybe would note this easier.


It’s so good to learn about how people perceive when you share and where people get hung up in casual conversation language. This is great stuff for human readers and SEO :slight_smile:
Thank you again for always thinking about the details.

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You nailed it. Such an article would be a carefully crafted SEO article with the right amount of keywords in the right place.
Maybe something to mention at some spots on the general Storj website as well.

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Yes it could be very linkable and useful in a variety of ways.
The team has the link to this thread now and I’m sure they will give serious consideration.
You always come with the good ideas.