The storagenode docker run command has been updated

So, the BANDWIDTH environment variable has gone?

Yes, it’s been out for a while.

I’ve always used :beta and now :latest on my Pi.

Yes, you’re correct.

I would say this is worthy of an email - since we had to register with our email addresses to make a node. I would hope that changes like this are accompanied by email communications or at least give us a mailing list we can sign up for voluntarily? Typically, proper change management (in technology) includes a field/column to PUBLISH to whatever media channels are available to the technology organization.



changed beta to latest and I get an error

docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase.

EDIT: Fixed by removing the blank spaces in the parameters section

Not all specify the email since it’s not mandatory, some specify a fake email.
I would like to recommend to subscribe to the and to be updated.

Looks like you have specified something like storjlabs/storagenode:Latest, it’s not allowed by the docker. Or missed one of the \

For some reason the blank space (see my edited post with screenshot) was causing the issue, the remaining run command didn’t change.

Just checked on my raspberry pi3.
Spaces are not involved.
Maybe you have used something else instead of spaces?
Which text editor did you use?

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Do you just run the command when Storj docker container is running or do you need to stop the docker container and start it up again with “latest” command?

Stop, remove and start with the new command.

To stop and remove, use:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

And I chase it with:
sudo docker system prune -a

I can’t find this “Subscribe” button. I found under the school bell: Watching, Tracking, Watching First Post, Normal & Muted. What exactly should we do to keep current with the changes???

There are descriptions for every choice.
If you want to receive only notification for the first new post in this category, then select “Watching First Post”.

Ok so Subscribe = school bell.

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i doubt it matters so long as you don’t go backwards in what version it is… the data is stored independent of the storagenode docker image anyways…

anyways i cannot say with 100% certainty that it’s safe to migrate between os so long as one moved towards more recent versions… but i would do that without even considering there being a risk…

so yeah maybe don’t do it, but i wouldn’t worry about it… just never go backwards unless otherwise clearly instructed by somebody that knows their shit.

Is any action required if we’re using watchtower?

Not right now, but in the long term yes. At some point the beta and latest image will not be the same anymore. So just follow this advice once and you’re good

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