The V2 network is shutting down

GUI. As a service on Windows 10.

There are other SNOs too that face issue with updater. If you do face any issue open up a thread.

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Ok, but are you sure that I`m on V3 version, and now my node moved from Beta to Pre-Release? I joined the network at 2019-12-12.

100% sure I am. V2 didn’t have update for over 2 years.

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Ok, thank you. I just watched the “Storj Labs Town Hall - January 31” replay and got confused by the fact that pre-production was started at 28th of January. And because there it is stated that Pioneer 2 beta 2 was started at 19th of November.

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preproduction is not beta any more, it is release candidate.

If setup your node anytime in the last 6 months it is most likely V3.


It’s definitely V3, I wanted to set up a V2 node probably a year ago and it was already disabled.


I know most have ditched v2 a long time ago, but if anyone needs instructions on how to completely remove the old v2 node software, data, and associated processes, I put up a guide to refresh everyone’s memory (especially mine).

I am very happy to have been part of it! I learned a lot about linux via the v2 experience. Thanks and goodnight v2!


Thanks, forgot about the port forward. Updated that one now!