The Windows GUI node doesn't start after Windows 10 reboot

Hi Alexey,

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. I powershelled the rules and everything seems to be in order.

Hey, one more thing; it looks like the Windows version with GUI can not start up anymore after restarting Windows 10.

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See Node offline after latest Windows update - #4 by Alexey

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Thank you, Alexey, consider it done.

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Please test it - try to reboot and wait for full load of Windows, the service should start normally.

Hi Alexey, Everything has been working smoothly. Do you have a Windows 10 VPN guide available? I’m considering Proton VPN. Will it work with my node?


We doesn’t have a specific VPN guides for Windows 10, we only have a guide for PIA:
However, accordingly the ProtonVPN guide: How to use port forwarding in ProtonVPN apps the configuration would be very similar - they provides a random external port, so you need to use a DDNS hostname and update the external port in your configuration every reconnect of the VPN.

Also read about it: