Theoretical maximum nodes per IP address

Hi All I am not sure anyone has asked this and to be honest I very quickly looked over the forum…

is there a theoretical maximum number of storage nodes that can be associated with 1 IP address?

I am just wondering as I have a 1gb/s download and 1gb/s upload fiber to my house and the question came to my head. How many nodes can be hosted from one IP…



I think there is no such a kind of limit, however your traffic will be shared equally between those nodes which sitting behind a same /24 subnet

Thanks Zolbarna,

Yip i know about the shared model and it think its good as it stops large DC from taking up the bulk of the data and to also increase the redudancy of the nodes…

good to know that there is no limit as I plan to organicly grow my nodes.


In theory, after 65535 nodes you’ll run out of port numbers.


I think the right question is how many TB can you get per IP or per /24
I think that is about 10TB per year plus or minus 10TB. Ymmv

Actually, the more data you store, the less effective ingress you get, and that’s because the more data you store, the more deletes you get.

At some point, ingress and deletions will even out. Today, it seems like things start getting pretty slow above 40/50TB of storage.


Ahhh thats a good awnser Pac thanks… I dont expect to host 50TB of data nodes but I just wanted to see how I would scale things on my connecion…

so we could say 50TB per IP would be max data stored.

Have a look at @BrightSilence’s estimator so see what you could expect depending on how much you store and how long it could take to fill up your storage space, it is pretty accurate (but of course as good as it might be it is only an estimator: use it as such, no one can predict the future):

It also clearly shows how ingress slows down the more you have: Reaching 50TB would take more than 8 years based on recent activity of the network (on a /24 subnet).